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Achieve your fitness goals with our unique blend of classes!  Indoor Rowing, Cycling, Small Group Training, and Pilates. Don't be lost in the crowd! Get individualized attention withouth the high cost of personal training in our small group setting. You will feel right at home in our friendly, welcoming environment. 
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980 HIGHWAY 36

Teens Rowing Program 

Attention Middle School Athletes
Improve your form and technique while getting a great workout in a fun group setting!
Row based classes will also incorporate Strength training, Conditioning, and Core work!
Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm (til June 30th)
Thursdays 9:00am-10:00am (July 1st - August 31st)



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Perfect for beginners, or those needing modifications due to injury or physical limitations. Our Lite Row Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-11:15am If you would like to take Lite Row classes only, we offer a discounted membership of $79/month or $10/class.

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Wednesdays 9:00aam (45 min)

Learn to ride smarter not longer by tapping into POWER! Wattage based training is becoming increasingly popular among age group athletes. Watt based training gives more precision than either heart rate or perceived exertion because it is a true measurement of workload independent from speed, wind, hills and all the other variables that can change how difficult you perceive a ride to be.

In Class we will:
Determine baseline ( FTP, functional threshold power ) with a 20 minute time trial to establish training zones. 
Improve performance by working on intensity, duration and total workload.

Training zones:
 1 Active Recovery 2 Endurance 3 Tempo 4 Lactate Threshold 5 VO2 Max 6 Anaerobic Capacity


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  1. Indoor Rowing
    Indoor Rowing
    Indoor Rowing provides a total body workout with no impact. Fun, challenging and easy to learn!
  2. Cycling
    We offer a variety of Cycling classes. HIIT Cycle (30 min High Intensity) 45 min Cycle, Cycle/Row combo. You set the pace!
  3. Small Group Training
    Small Group Training
    Circuit based classes consisting of Rowing, Biking, Body weight strength, Core & more!

About Us

Atlantic Indoor Rowing and Fitness is conveniently located on Highway 36 in Atlantic Highlands. We offer small group classes where you will receive individualized attention in a friendly, welcoming environment. Every class is fun and challenging, yet you will always be able to go at your own pace. Our Indoor Rowing classes will also include some "off the rower" core work and circuit training. We also offer a variety of Cycling classes : 30 minute HIIT Cycle, 45 minute Cycle, Row/Cycle Combo....and more! Small Group Training circuit style classes consist of body weight strength, cardio, core & more. We specialize in modifying the workouts to meet your needs.

 Our focus is on form, and we will offer constant attention to detail, as well as recommendations on weights and alternate movements. We want you to get strong, not injured!

If you prefer more Individualized attention, we also offer one-on-one personal training!

Youth row/conditioning programs and athlete training also offered year round. Classes are offered in a group setting, or one on one. Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals!

Heidi H.
July 2017
Love the trainers and I love the people who go there. I never feel like the out of shape, can't keep up 40 something. I feel welcomed and included. I leave with a pounding chest, sweat dripping and totally amped. I hope to see my body change, and I hope that anyone reading this who is searching to "fit in" will try it. I love it! I'm hooked!

Suzie M.
June 2017  
A welcoming and challenging gym experience tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Not your typical big box gym. Classes are total body workouts with a mix of dumbbells, kettle bells, body weight activities and cardio vascular machines like bikes, ergs, and ski ergs. A great time for all activity levels. Rowing, Spinning, and combo classes! So much fun!

Megan T. 
July 2017 
Attended the Row & Ride class last night, and wow am I sore this morning! The mixture of spinning, rowing, and circuit training made for an excellent full body workout. Highly recommend! Cannot wait to try more classes!

Erin F.
July 2017
Terrific instructors, flexible schedule and great location for Bayshore area residents!

Donna V.
June 2017
Great workouts!! Encouraging instructors!! I always get a good sweat on... 

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980 Hwy 36
Atlantic Highlands, NJ


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